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Unlock the full potential of your landscape with our commercial-grade irrigation systems, expertly designed for unmatched efficiency, longevity, and watering uniformity.

Ensure your peace of mind with systems built to last, installed by certified technicians at a competitive price that reflects true quality and expertise.

Experience savings on your water bill and a thriving landscape with the most reliable and eco-efficient irrigation solutions in Saskatoon!

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Decades of Excellence in Service and Innovation

Discover the difference the 35 years of dedication and experience make across Saskatoon’s landscapes with Chris Irrigation! 

Guided by a simple and unwavering commitment to quality and service, our tradition of excellence is reflected in every lawn and landscape efficiently watered through the sprinkler systems we install, repair, and maintain—from residential retreats to expansive commercial complexes—and backed by testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Where others see challenges, we see solutions!  Drawing on our staff backgrounds in engineering, agriculture, and hydrology, our advanced skills in repairs and troubleshooting ensure that even the most complex issues are resolved with precision, care, and an emphasis on long-term water savings.

Trust us to maintain and enhance your green spaces, leaving your landscapes worry-free and thriving!

Saving Water & Money One Sprinkler at a Time

At Chris Irrigation, we’re passionate about reducing water usage (and cost) while helping your green spaces thrive!

Our commitment to efficiency drives us to expertly design, install, and retrofit irrigation systems that stand at the forefront of efficiency. By integrating the latest in high-efficiency design and sprinkler technology, we’re not just irrigating landscapes; we’re safeguarding your pocketbook and our planet. The numbers tell the story: millions of liters of water saved each year, thanks to our dedication to advanced, environmentally conscious solutions. 

Get in touch to discover how we can optimize your existing irrigation system or design a new, efficient solution to significantly reduce water usage and lower your bills. 

Our Installs Since 2014

Sprinklers installed
Satisfied Clients
0 million
Liters of Water Saved per Year

Our Projects Large and Small

From the quiet residential backyards to sprawling commercial landscapes, our recent projects highlight the breadth of our technical problem-solving and creative water-saving solutions.

Our Services Individualized Expert Solutions

Whether it’s comprehensive maintenance, precision repairs, expert installations, or innovative adjustments and upgrades, our services are designed to the unique needs of each of our clients with advanced expertise and a focus on water efficiency.

Trust us to optimize every system for peak performance, ensuring sustainable solutions that save water and provide you with worry-free care for your greenspace!

Start Up

We'll check for leaks and damage, unclog nozzles, re-adjust heads, check coverage, test controllers, and more


Whether you have leaks, low pressure, broken sprinklers, advanced electrical issues or a full system failure, we have the experience to fix it all


Expertly designed systems tailored to your needs, using high-efficiency commercial-grade components, installed with care and precision

Fall Blowout

Our qualified technicians will prepare your system for winter with a commercial-grade blowout, with our guarantee against freeze damage


Optimize performance and extend the life your your system with regular maintenance by raising/lowering heads, adjusting coverage, and more


Comprehensive evaluations to determine the health and efficiency of your irrigation system, with recommendations 


Upgrade to automation for convenience, efficiency, and precise control over your watering schedules, saving time and water


Our certified technicians will test your devices and provide expert repairs or replacements to ensure your system meets local regulations

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